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3 Healthy Activities For Those In Addiction Recovery

Having a lot of free time for a recovering addict is not as simple and carefree as it is for someone who has never struggled with an addiction. Idle time can lead to boredom and temptations to use.

From that point, it’s only a short hop in a person’s thought process from sobriety to deciding to use because they don’t have anything better to do or that using “just this once”won’t hurt their recovery because they have managed to be clean and sober for a certain period of time. For these reasons, it’s important to have healthy activities incorporated into an addiction recovery plan for long-term success.

1. Get Physical And Start Running

Why take up running as an activity to try in recovery? Physical activity releases endorphins, the body’s “feel good”hormones. You can push yourself to keep striving to reach goals, either by running faster or farther than you have done previously.

Eventually, you can challenge yourself to enter a 5K (or similar) race to see how you fare against other runners. You may eventually want to enter other races or train for a half-marathon or a marathon. The challenge of working toward a goal and then meeting it will give you a different kind of rush, and a more positive one.

2. Engage Your Brain By Joining A Toastmasters Group

Fear of public speaking is very common and you can challenge yourself to overcome it by joining a Toastmasters group. It’s also a great way to meet new people who are interested in learning this skill.

Learning to speak in front of a group will help you develop confidence and character that you can carry into a job interview or into your workplace. You may also develop valuable contacts who can help you to find a job or advance in your career.

3. Learn A New Skill By Taking A Class

If you are looking for a class you can take, there many options available to you. Rather than sticking with something you already know about, find something that is new to you. Is there something that you are curious about or you think might be a bit challenging?

Go for it!

Sign up for a painting, photography, cooking, baking, creative writing, ballroom dancing, martial arts. swimming, skating, or foreign language class. Commit yourself to doing your best at whatever you have chosen so that you can feel good about yourself while taking it seriously. Remember, this may branch into a new found love!

These types of activities may be different from the ones that might be presented during addiction treatment; but what matters is that the activities you choose are healthy for your recovery and you continue challenging yourself as part of a long-term sobriety strategy!

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